Shop for A Cause - Fighting With Grace

When our dear friend and longtime customer, Betsy DeVega was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease last year, we were all shocked.  Betsy was always on the go, full of life and never had a negative thing to say about anyone or anything!  She always gave of herself to others, was heavily involved in her community and school, and had a strong and abiding faith.  None of that has changed. She's still constantly on the go and is happiest when she is giving back to others.  We will never forget after her diagnosis she said "It could be worse.  I'll get through this.  I'll just have to learn to live with it."  And that she has. She's an advocate for raising awareness and funds for Parkinson's Research and a role model for living life to the fullest.

Parkinson’s has been called a ’boutique disease’ meaning it affects each person differently. Some people’s torsos sway, some have very visible tremors, while in others it affects swallowing, balance, and cognition.   When we asked Betsy how we could help raise funds and awareness we decided to host a private shopping party at the store (today, Thursday April 27th from 6-8 pm).  Friends, family and customers are invited to come shop after hours in a fun and casual setting, with wine & cheese and the store to themselves.  Patrons are also welcome to shop online at using the discount code ENDPARKINSONS.  Part of the proceeds will go directly to the Michael J. Fox Foundation which supports Parkinson's Research.

We support Betsy and all those who are battling this disease with grace & strength.  Betsy is an inspiration to us all and reminds us that life is precious.  We must make the best of every moment.   

Christina & Melanie XO